Film: Happiness

Happiness is a film I wrote about love, belonging, finding that rare and beautiful quality of one's own happiness. Happiness was sensitively and brilliantly directed by Dheeraj Akolkar and brought to life by an extraordinary team of beautiful souls.

In 2009 I created my first book this feather.

I hand bound it in recycled paper and since then I have created 6 more books.

Book design is a fabulous and fascinating art and process with many discoveries along the way.

The tactile nature of the creation process and the experience of holding and reading these handmade creations is delightful and fascinating.


James Wordsworth stitching a book with tools around him, in sunlight. Black and white.

​If there is a purpose to life, then at the moment I believe it is this: to witness, to experience and revel in this existence.

The universe is magnificent, special, amazing, magical, beautiful, astounding, vast, mysterious. Imagine if no life ever existed, no consciousness, if nothing could see this beauty and feel its wonder. That is what I feel to be the reason we are here, all creatures and plants, who all sense differently. It is why we build ever larger telescopes and ever more precise microscopes, why we don't rest with discovering the Higgs boson, we go further. It is perhaps why evolution itself takes place, so the universe can find different ways to be witnessed. And amongst that, all the emotions, the kinds of feelings and sensations.


There is still so much to observe and participate in.

I wrote my first poem in 2004. I wrote my thoughts and feelings most days. This was in straightforward speech like writing. One day, suddenly a poem was within me or emerged from me. It came from a feeling, a need, an urge to write it. I didn't have paper to hand, except a newspaper and I wrote it in the margins of that.

Over the next days and weeks more poems came out. I was no longer simply writing what I was feeling, I was expressing it.

Since that time I have written a great many poems, I have also written screenplays, stories, sketches, thoughts, ideas, essays and more. I have published several collections of poetry and illustration, have had work staged and filmed and am blessed to share this work with people in person, online, in books and more.

Writing is like flying, it's free and soaring. It's also like a ocean dive, heading into fathomless reaches and discovering the alien wonders within. It is home and sustenance.

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