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Film: Happiness

Happiness is a film I wrote, which was sensitively directed by Dheeraj Akolkar and brought to life by Dheeraj and an extraordinarily talented and soulful team of film creators and actors.


​If there is a purpose to life, then at the moment I believe it is this: to witness, to experience.

The universe is magnificent, special, amazing, magical, beautiful, astounding, vast, mysterious. Imagine if no life ever existed, no consciousness, if nothing could see this beauty and feel its wonder. That is what I feel to be the reason we are here, all creatures and plants, who all sense differently. It is why we build ever larger telescopes and ever more precise microscopes, why we don't rest with discovering the Higgs boson, we go further. It is perhaps why evolution itself takes place, so the universe can find different ways to be witnessed. And amongst that, all the emotions, the kinds of feelings and sensations.


There is so much to observe even within the scope of humankind's awareness, and much, much more besides!

It may be the universe has a consciousness of its own, or that we are the ones who dream up the universe - and perhaps that is why it seems to increase in resolution and detail the more closely we look at it. Whatever it is, I feel poetry is my window on this. The closest I get to meeting my own soul, or touching that spirit plane which I believe links us all.

I wrote my first poem (apart from those set as homework assignments at school) in 2004. I wrote my thoughts and feelings most days. This was in straightforward speech like writing. One day, suddenly a poem was within me or emerged from me. It came from a feeling, a need, an urge to write it. I didn't have paper to hand, except a newspaper and I wrote it in the margins of that.

Over the next days and weeks more poems came out. I was no longer simply writing what I was feeling, I was expressing it.
If I were to say my favourite artform to do, it would be hard to deny any others their place, but writing feels sometimes like flying to me, it's free and soaring. It also feels like deep sea diving, heading into fathomless reaches and discovering the alien wonders within. I feel it is home and sustenance.

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