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Getting social and playing, having fun is a real gift in life.

I'm blessed to play and host the werewolf game, and you can join in too!


The Werewolf Game

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The werewolf is a fun and social game which is easy to learn and suitable for beginners and experienced players. 

Each player is assigned a character secretly. Some will be werewolves, some humans, sharing a village. The werewolves' task is to evade detection while picking off human villagers, one by one. The villagers are trying to find out who among them are the werewolves and kill them before being eaten themselves.


If you think you're good at spotting a lie, this game might be an opportunity to prove so, or there's a possibility one might learn otherwise!

Dave Bourn of Sprout taught me the game and has hosted monthly sessions of it in person for years, which I and others regularly attend to much delight and laughter. It's great fun! It can be quite tense deceiving and deciding each other's fates, but it's a safe place to do so!

Dave and I have joined up to present an online version of the game, which we run via Zoom. The werewolf very much suits the online setting and there's even added bonusses, such as the ability to use the chat to pass on secret messages.

Players join from all over the globe!

We are running in person games of Werewolf as well as continuing online events. So people can attend in person and from where they are in the world.

To find the next Werewolf Game, take a look at the upcoming events on Eventbrite.


I understand the value of social, fun games such as these and am honoured to offer these events.


I look forward to seeing you at The Werewolf!

Pictures from previous Werewolf events

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