'Haiku' is a hand-made collection of ninety nine poems made of seventeen syllables each. Haiku writing is a delicate art, to create a poem, tell a story, evoke a feeling in three lines.


The inner pages of 'Haiku' are printed at home on 100% recycled paper. I hand bind the book using cotton thread. The cover is printed on photographic paper. The ink on the cover and throughout is water based, so could smudge or run if it gets wet (not one to read in the rain unfortunately).


I created 'Haiku' in 2016 after a year of writing a new haiku every day for 2015. The book is as minimal as the form of the poems, each haiku has its own page. The haikus are grouped into themes titled, Love, Theatre, Being, Nature, Conscious Mind, Us and Words. They can be read consecutively, or in any order, each haiku holds its own space.


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  • 'Haiku' is approximately 13 cm x 18cm. The inner papers are 100% recycled white paper. The cover is photographic paper. The whole book is printed in water based ink, therefore it will run if it gets wet.
    Haiku is hand bound by myself, the author. It contains 99 haikus, each on their own page. The haikus are on topics including love, nature and being. I created it with love and care.

©MMXX James Wordsworth