Holy Shore

I reached out a hand

upon it I wrote a note

a question

which should have been a statement

"You are the one"

I asked…"are you a one?"

"Are you my one?"

I do not need ask - nor should no one ever ask,

facts which are plain and clear, need no questioning.

I love you

I am in love with you

and yet I question

not from deep inside

only surface tension,

ready to crack and pop at the first sign of force

yet I fear the consequences of my bubbles burst

So silly when I want to feel the real world

and connect and engage and to be a part of it.

Here I am, ready to be

Hiding behind a mask I do not need.

I love you, however late it is,

I love you so much

You may or may not love me so,

but so what,

I still love.

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