Hollow Dials

The hollowed out clock faces peer into the night

owl wide eyes staring out

The eyes see through the absence of light

as even stars wait for the moon to come out

A night and a sky not lit at all, the city's glow gone far away,

Between high mountains surrounding all sides

the glow of the sun cannot penetrate

The one place on earth where even darkness hides

The hollow faces of the clocks try to peer and see

but even the edge of the giant mountains are invisible

to all who have great sight

No eyes can penetrate this darkest night

The clouds come down thick and the wind disappears

Silence floods the land

The dull matted ambience of the clouds dampens all ticks, all thoughts, all sounds

The clocks go on through the night

water collects on their cogs and gears

dripping with moisture from invisible air

as another minute passes, another grain of sand

All travellers cease in dark like this, there is no hope of safety to be found

Not even shelter may come their way, they lay low, close to the ground

But the clocks march on with their hollowed dials

The blackness inside deeper still

than the night so treacherous in its inky sheath

the daggers of time are set to kill

All travellers die this fateful night

none escape time's unpitying bourne

The brave all perish despite their might

as the first cracks of light signal dawn

The night is passed and the deed is done

No breath will stir anymore

The bodies will vanish in the heat of sun

and none will mourn them evermore

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