Darkness of Moonlight

In the darkness of moonlight,

We held each other's breath

Kissed for many hours

dreamed this would be our death

but life carried us forward to see a terrible day

when I was here still near you

but you were gone away

I held your memory in my arms

But grew weak as each hour was consumed

I tried to dig deeper in, that solid flesh might be exhumed

Even from the image I held safe in my brain

I willed it from the ether to take form outside again

But when my heart exhausted

ran cold with lack of love

I wondered why I'd sat here

How I had not had enough

And my mind made journeys inwards

to recall the pain's harsh source

I saw your face so vacant, so soft, without remorse

It was you who left me broken

why am I the one with tears

You should have taken them with you

along with all these years

My heart was not a plaything

nor a puppet on a string

Yet you plucked my heart from its home

and made it nightly sing

The air closed in around it

the stars pierced with their icy stare

Roused from sleep I leapt up

and could not find you anywhere

Oh when did this start?

The agony?

Was it before you'd left my side?

Surely their must have been some way when you forced yourself inside.

But all I recall are the kisses

and your cold and lifeless stare

There is more to a person than only this

and much more we once, I'm sure, did share

The darkest of moonlight paints me black as the charcoals ready to light

I kissed you here for eternity

or only for one night

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