We are each of us an artwork.

On this page you'll find artistic photographic portraits. You can also find out how to buy a print of one of these or hire me to take similar style photos of yourself or loved ones.


When I take photos I seek to communicate the profundity and hugeness of an experience, of a moment.

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Photos are not real in the sense one might think of a hand or a face being real, and yet they can communicate as powerfully and profoundly as a real presence.

I have had the astounding privilege of sharing exquisite moments of reality with fellow travellers in this life, and here I offer some images taken in those moments, which I believe and hope evoke some of that might, that power, that awesome force within the people and the air.

Please feel free to browse the images. Whatever they evoke for you, the people, the times, they are important. There are a million moments in each of our lives, and each in its own way is as beautiful as these.


Would you like a portrait of you?

If you would like a portrait of yourself or loved ones in the styles here portrayed, please get in touch.

A shoot such as the ones illustrated on this site will normally be £200.

I am currently based in London UK. If you'd like to work with me and you are located elsewhere in the world, feel free to get in touch and we can see if something is possible.

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