On this page you'll find photos I've taken at stage shows, including comedy, cabaret and burlesque, theatre, magic and more.

You can also hire me for your show or event.


Live performance is magic, it can make the soul sing, induce tears and laughter, stimulate thought. As a photographer, I have the delight and pleasure of trying to bring some essence of that magic to a still image. It's not an easy task, but it's highly rewarding!

I hope you enjoy these photos, that you get to experience live theatre as much as possible, and if you're a creative, perhaps we can work together some day!


Hire me for your event or show.

My fee for up to a 2hr performance or rehearsal session is £250.

I am currently based in London, UK. I am able to travel, however an extra fee may be required.

I shoot in high resolution on a digital SLR. Following the shoot you'll receive all the images in their original, full size.

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