Dancing in a city and sea of lights

Swooshing trails of light made by flowing movements of the camera in a city full of lights.

Light fascinates me, whether it's natural light or produced by the efforts of humans.

Gallery of light trails in long exposure photos


My earliest memories of my intrigue with light are of spending hours staring at the candles my mum used to light on the kitchen table. I'd do all sorts, run my fingers through it, blow on it to see how it responds, squint so I could see the shadows of my own eyelashes.

I worked as a lighting technician in theatres in London for some time, and during those years I would still be endlessly interested in the lights outside of work. Abundant glowing points on the streets, emerging from vehicles, attached to buildings.


Light Fantastic is a series of photos I have taken using a combination of long exposures and moving myself and the camera to unveil extraordinary shapes and highlight the wonderful array of colours that are shining around us on city streets and beyond.

I love these moments, dancing with my camera and in the swirling pool of all those photons, all those beams that we use for illumination, for sharing messages and instructions, for delight and fun!

Light has the power to unlock all the colours we witness. I find it extraordinary that every image on this website, indeed the majority of digital images we ever see are made up of only three colours in different combinations.

©MMXX James Wordsworth