Meditative and healing worlds

Each of these images and videos was made in a multi-layered process. Some taking moments, some taking years.


My earliest days of taking photos allowed me to discover the power of the computer to edit and alter images.
At age thirteen I used the tools made available by Corel to alter images I took with family, adding features and changing shapes and hues.

After leaving the family home and moving to London I took on photography in a huge way! And also editing. I received Photoshop Elements with a printer and spent many hours altering the colours of photos I had taken. Many of which were photos of myself taken in the lighting booth at the Savoy Theatre!

I also learned to play with the light trails possible in long exposures, which you can see on the Light Fantastic page of this website.


Mainly my editing was changing the colours and cropping. However I learned the power of mirroring, layering and transforming. One of the images most prominent in my mind from my early days of photography and editing is a picture of Waterloo Bridge in London. I took it with a long exposure and purposeful camera movement and then coloured and mirrored it. To me this new image had a whole life of its own, independent of the original photograph.

With the kaleidoscope there is one tube and one set of beads. These do not alter, but the images do. So it is with the pictures in this collection. I will start with a single image, perhaps a photo or a drawing, and add filters and bends and reflections to create the immense variety of views displayed on this page.

Freeing Light Gallery

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River of Light
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Psy Flower
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Neon Life
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My first image of this kind.
The pink and purple hued image is the edit. The orange and black hued image is the original photograph. For more photos in this vein feel free to head to Light Fantastic

Waterloo Bridge Long Exposure.jpg