Learning and play.

Improv can be a wonderful tool for creativity and accessing one's own confidence and playfulness.


I lead and facilitate improv classes and workshops both independently and with Sprout.

I trained in improv at The University of West London under Dave Bourn and have worked closely with him and with Sprout since 2013 delivering workshops and classes in a variety of settings.

We run introductory classes in improv, as well as informal drop ins. We also lead team building days and corporate workshops. Our themes and targets can include inter-personal communication, creativity, and good fun!

Improv can be a powerful tool and a playful asset. It's not necessarily about being funny or witty or clever. Almost always with improv the very first thing that comes to mind is the best thing. 

When using improv in performance or in improv games then one is always supported by fellow performers. We work together for common goals.

In our classes we start with the fundamentals. I've been doing improv professionally since 2012 and I still find the fundamentals useful to revisit.

For me personally the ideas presented via improv techniques and skills are ones which greatly enrich and enhance my life and social interactions. Listening is such a core element in improv and in relationship. The ability to share an idea, to be able to have the openness to build on it and the flexibility to let it go if needs be. To listen to your own instincts. To be in the moment. To connect with people and place in a fluid, non-judgmental way. To accept all that comes and actually use it as a tool to build even greater things. This is what it is like for me in an improv show, and I would love to incorporate it more and more into my life.

Check out Sprout's website or contact me for details of upcoming workshops and to book me/us for one-off, corporate or private sessions. 

You might also be interested in the Werewolf Game which I host with Dave Bourn and The Funny Side.

If you'd like to see me in improv shows, please visit my page here

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