Welcome to my website!

My name is James and I am lucky enough to make a plethora of creative things, many of which you will be able to see, hear, and read here.

I have a multi-faceted career. Theatre was the first passion. I acted through childhood. After school, I worked as a theatre technician for seven years in London's West End. I then returned to acting and now perform regularly with long running improv group, Sprout. 

I have a great passion for arts of various kinds.

  • I write poetry, scripts, stories, haikus and non-fiction.

  • I perform in improvised comedy shows.

  • I paint swirling worlds of colours.

  • I take photos of people, the sky, trees, objects, buildings.

  • I sing.

  • I host games, workshops and events.

  • I form deep and intricate images through pixel manipulations.

  • I create videos from those images.

  • I act on stage and screen and sound.

To dive into a bit more depth with these artforms, please click them in the images below, or use the site menu at the top of the page. More sections will be added over time.

May you have a wonderful day!


website pages

The word Kaleidoscope beneath three panels with brightly coloured geometric, symmetrical and abstract shapes.
The words Light Fantastic beneath three panels with curved lines of light of various colours.
The word Painting below three panels of swirling colours made from paint.
The word Poetry beneath three panels containing the words: Stories are forged where time does not flow, where it rains the sun and shines with snow.
A group of people posing as werewolves on a video call and the word Werewolf.
The Word Improv and a group of people pulling faces and pointing.
Three cabaret artists mid-performance and the words "Cabaret And Burlesque"


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